HSE Management Software Solutions Limited is a subsidiary company of Varel Group of Companies Limited which is established in Kenya as a pioneer in providing software-based Management Systems within the Sub Sahara African region. These management systems softwares include: Enterprise Facilities Management Software (eFM), HSE Management Software (HSE), Process Safety Management Software (PSM), and QA/QC Management Software (QA/QC).

We have a proven track record of providing Software based solutions and consultancy to organisations ensuring compliance to the Quality Health Safety & Environmental, Process Safety and Facilities Management legislations and standards of best practice.

Our clients benefit from our specialized knowledge and experience from members of our team who have acquired appropriate skills and experience in developing, implementing and reviewing QHSE, Process Safety and Facilities Management Systems. This helps in ensuring our clients commit to protecting their employees, stakeholders, assets and the environment which results in increase in profit margins and protection of their reputation.


Our leadership team is composed of highly experienced members from diverse backgrounds representing key regions and divisions.

  1. Managing Director
  2. Quality Health Safety Security & Environment (QHSSE) Manager
  3. Software Development Manager
  4. Software Engineer
  5. Process Safety and Reliability Engineer
  6. Human Resources & Administration (HR) Manager
  7. Commercial Manager
  8. Finance Manager
  9. Procurement & Contracts Manager



We specialize in developing softwares and delivering of Quality Health Safety & Environmental services across the following areas:

  • Noise assessment and control
  • COSHH Assessments and control measures
  • Confined space risk assessments and safe procedures
  • Construction safety project supervision
  • Assessing legal requirement in terms of Health & Safety Laws
  • Helping set up health & safety committees
  • Health and Safety Support Service
  • General risk assessments
  • Work at height assessment and supervision
  • Health and Safety Management System development
  • Environmental Management System development
  • Quality Management System development
  • Process Safety Management (PSM) System development
  • Facilities Management System development
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Manual handling, VDU and lone working
  • Contractor appraisal and approval
  • Compliance Audits
  • Fire Risk Assessment


We provide on-site or web-based end-user training which can be tailored to your organisation. Our trainers are highly skilled and experienced specialists in providing the QHSE, eFM and PSM Management Software training with courses tailored to the end-user requirements.


We provide a dedicated team of professionals who are available to ensure that all your concerns are addressed in a professional and timely manner. Our qualified Trainers, QHSE Advisers, Process Safety & Reliability Engineers and Software Development Specialists are available when needed.

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